Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of me?
Where does ticket money go?
How do I set up a Just Giving page?
What if I can’t sell 20 tickets?
What will training be like?
How many training sessions can I join?
Where will training take place?
When will fight camp start?
Is there a joining fee?
What if I can't attend sessions but I can train myself?
What kit will I need to buy?
When will sparring start?
When do I find out who I’m fighting?
When do I find out my fight time?
Can I request the time of my fight?
When do I choose my walk out song?
Can my friends walk out with me?
Can I have my coach from another gym corner me on the night?
Is there food and drink available?
Where can I see footage of my fight?
I have signed up but haven’t had anything else through.